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Offering a collection and return service with a 30 min radius of SE18. Most of the South East London and into Kent.

All services are non rushed, methodical servicing. Ensuring that your bike receives the attention it deserves.  

Parts will be on top of all servicing costs. 

Please note that our services are non-rushed, as I believe in taking the necessary time to deliver high-quality results.

For more information or to schedule a service, please don't hesitate to contact. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop off your bike at our location by appointment



Recommended maintenance every 12-18 months for avid riders covering long distances in all weathers. Excludes parts. 🚲

- Full bike strip, meticulous clean, thorough inspection, damage check

- Tighten all bolts to recommended torque
- Precise tuning of gears and brakes
- Replace brake pads and inner cables
- Drivetrain service with part replacement if worn
- Service wheel hubs and headset for peak performance
- Replace worn parts for optimal performance.
- Reassemble, chainset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette

- Drivetrain overhaul, de-grease, and service drivetrain components



Ideal for geared bikes and e-bikes. Recommended every 3 to 6 months for regular riders, considering season and conditions. Parts not included. 🚲⚡

- Inspect bolts, handlebar, and stem assembly

- Tighten to recommended torque
- Tune and realign gears (front & rear)
- Check and adjust brakes (front & rear)
- Inspect brake callipers and inner cable, replace pads if needed
- True wheels, replace damaged spokes
- Inspect and re-grease headset
- Inspect and re-grease wheel hubs

- Drivetrain overhaul

- Replace cables



Perfect for single-speed and track bikes. Suggested every 3 to 6 months for regular riders, based on seasonal and riding conditions. Parts not included. 🚴‍♂️🏁

- Frame and forks wiped down, thoroughly inspected

- Bolts, handlebar, and stem assembly checked
- Bolts tightened to recommended torque setting
- Chain tension checked, tuned, and realigned
- Brakes inspected, tuned, and realigned (front and rear if applicable)
- Brake callipers and inner cable inspected, brake pads replaced 
- Wheels trued, replace loose, missing, or damaged spokes
- Inspect and re-grease headset

- Inspect and re-grease wheel hubs

BYO BIKE (build your own bike)


Recommended if you want to build your own dream bike. Come over and build your bike under supervison and be taking through the bike building process. All parts have to be supplied. Best to email to discuss 🚴‍♂️🏁 

- From bike bits to a complete bike

- Step by step to complete bike
- Precise tuning of gears and brakes

- Tips and instructions 
--Making sure everything is there for build day
- Advise on future upgrades


List Title 

bike wipe down
shimano cassette cables blue

Here's a list of services and their prices. Please note that prices may vary. 


- Full service  

- General service
- E-bike service 
- Single speed service 

- Bike build

- BYO bike

- Safety check

- Collection SSC

Large works

Gears and brakes 








- Gear service 

- Brake service
- Disc brake service 
- Shifter rebuilds 

- Fault finding

- Di2

- Etap

- Change chain/cassette

from £20

from £30

from £35
from £35

from £60ph

from £20

from £20

from £20

Wheel works

- Wheel build  

- E-bike wheel build
- Hub service
- Wheel true/tuned 

- Tubeless 

- Puncture

- Bearing

- Diagnosing

from £40

from £50

from £20

from £20

from £25

from £10

from £20

from £60ph

Other works

- Bar tape

- Mud guard/rack
- Fit headset
- Bottom bracket




from £25

from £25


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